Monday, May 11, 2009

Award Winning Author, Dianne Hales, Writes An Amazing New Book About the Italian Language, "La Bella Lingua."

Award winning author, Dianne Hales has written one of the most beautiful and informative books I've read in a long time about the Italian language. Dianne, fell in love in Italy while vacationing there and was quickly captivated by the Italian language and its cultural history.

Dianne is a seasoned author with many successful books and articles in top publications in the country. When Dianne returned from Italy, she was determined to find, learn and expand her own knowledge about the Italian language, which led her to write her most recent book, "La Bella Lingua."

What I find personally so fascinating is that a non-Italian becomes so engrossed with the Italian culture and feels the incredible need to educate themselves on the language, traditions and culture. I am always so proud of the Italophile community.

As you dive deeper into the "La Bella Lingua" you not only learn about how Dianne came to understand the Italian language but how her dedicated research and love for the Italian culture played an important role in the way the book was written, researched and organized. To further add credibility, Dianne traveled and visited with top Italian academic institutions and experts to learn the true history behind the Italian language and its culture.

For me, I always find the "dialects" most interesting, and I actually learned in this book about the different dialects and words for simple things like, "child." What I know as a Calabrese, someone in Venice says differently, of course when we're all speaking informally, but when we're out in public, we speak our poetic and proper Italian language.

"La Bella Lingua" is a wonderful, educational read for anyone interested in learning more about Italy and its rich history behind the most sought after and romantic language in the world. Personally, I would buy this book for anyone traveling to Italy, its beautiful, well written and inspires you to learn, speak and understand the Italian language and culture.

You can buy "La Bella Lingua" on Amazon. :

Check out Dianne Hale's Site where she talks about her journey to learning and experiencing the Italian culture.

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Anonymous said...

Grazie, Margaret, for your kind words. I'm so glad you enjoyed La Bella Lingua. I think that Italian is the least appreciated of Italy's many contributions to the world, and I'm happy to celebrate its many joys.

Molto cordialmente, Dianne