Friday, April 10, 2009

Buona Pasqua, Happy Easter...

Happy Easter to all my Italian American friends and family. This time of year we are reflective on our faith and traditions by sharing with our families. I think Easter has always had a lasting impression on me since I'm a child. The best memory I have of Easter is being in Italy one year and waking up early in the morning and my Uncle and Aunt waiting for me down stairs with a super sized chocolate Easter egg. As a kid, your eyes pop out of your head, because here we don't have these sized eggs normally, unless you shop at an Italian speciality store. By far the emphasis on family, religion and sharing meals together has always remained a beautiful memory of Easter.

This year, with the tragedy in Italian and all the victims of the earthquake, I will pray for all those suffering and wish their families the best. To you, my Italian American friends, I wish you as well a wonderful Easter weekend. Buona Pasqua.
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TeamGREASE said...

a holiday marred by grief, but we can be thankful for what he have and pray for those who lost so much... my church's Good Friday procession tonight will be a surreal parallel to the funerals that when on in Abruzzo today.