Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Will the AP Italian Classes Ever Make It Back Into Schools?

Learning Italian and being able to speak it-- is an amazing asset to have. When cultural opportunities are cut out of school programs, what happens? The idea that cultural education gets a back seat once again is a reality, especially Italian education. I can't express how annoyed and just disappointed I am that the Italian language programs have been cut from many schools because of non funding from government agencies on the Italian and American sides.

The majority of money provided to the program was funded by Italian American organizations here in the USA, but the remainder was a no show on the Italian side. Now, I would like to down play any negative comments toward the Italian government because in these economic times we know that money doesn't grow on trees. So, really I ask with all the fund raisers, donations and yada, yada we do here in the Italian community, why can't we come up with the full amount without Italian assistance?

I'm not a financial expert nor do I claim to be one, but really do we need the actual Italian government financial backing or are we just fishing for a backup? Why is this the last straw and now the AP program is swept under the carpet? I say where there is a will there is a way. Again, this just my opinion and I know there is a lot of red tape involved but once again prominent Italian Americans donate away and where is the money going? Who is it benefiting?... if we can't even a get a language program off the ground? Now, I worry..will the language classes ever make it back into schools?

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