Sunday, January 25, 2009

Want to Learn How To Cook Like An Italian in Italy? Cooking Classes Abroad.

Cooking is great, but if you can cook like an authentic native Italian then you're in business. The latest trends sweeping the interested fans of Italian cooking are cooking schools/vacations in Italy. You can now book a week or two at a renowned Italian cooking school (taught in English) and stay at the best villas, hotels in Italy.

Imagine, being part of a one to two week school where you learn about the freshness, quality and agriculture behind all the best foods in Italy. Learn how to cook, love and nurture a passion by means of the best Italian chefs Italy has to offer. There are so many programs available throughout Italy where you can stay and cook at the venue or sign up at the local school and then stay at a quaint hotel or villa near by. Local spots are the key, the smaller the operation usually tends to be more authentic. (just my opinion) Here are a few sites where you can get further information on these types of Italian cooking schools in Italy:

If you of know of more local schools in Italy by experience or good word of mouth, please share your thoughts on this post!


Anonymous said...

Ciao Margaret

There's an overwhelming choice of Italian cooking school tours on the Net. I used to write a guidebook on Italian cooking school holidays.

Now I have a free report on How To Choose The Best Italian Cooking School Tour For You with a list of questions to ask yourself so you can zero in quickly on the one for you at

Ciao from Margaret

Italian American Girl said...

Hi Margaret,
I just added your URL to the list as well! Thanks for the information!