Tuesday, January 6, 2009

PERONI -- The Italian Beer That's Making A Come Back--Trendy & Italian.

Peroni beer, the Italian beer that you never really got to indulge in because it was never that common here in the United States. Well, guess what..with every new year comes change and now more than ever Peroni has rolled out the red carpet to reintroduce the best traditional Italian beer out there. When you think Italian, you don't really think beer, but I will say say when I think beer and Italian, the only thing that comes to mind is PERONI. I can remember as a small child being in Italy and sitting with my nonno at the table and he and my father drinking Peroni beer out of brown bottles. As I got older, and my trips to Italy got more frequent, the Peroni was still there..its like a national icon. I will say, its a great beer and just tastes so natural.

To help bring the Italian beer back to its greatness, Peroni is launching a wonderful campaign to appeal to the younger demographics, of course of legal drinking age. More recently they were the sponsors for a massive fashion show in Canada. They're becoming a brand that wants to appeal to the generations and getting back to the mainstream is just what they need. So, support our Italian brands, like Peroni and look for it next time you want to try a different type of beer. Its all about Peroni.

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