Monday, January 26, 2009

Organic Foods and Why Italians Are Ahead of the Health Game.

Here in the states, we are plagued by bad health caused by stress, work, and most importantly bad food. The food standards in the United States are probably the worst in the world. (my opinion)-OK..maybe not the world but you get the idea. The reality of a healthy lunch here is packed full of preservatives and fillers. Where is the fresh food and why is it so hard to buy? Meaning why is it so expensive to be healthy in the United States?

There is no real education in the school systems for children to understand that fresh food is what they should be eating and not prepackaged or frozen junk served at lunch. Some schools here in the states have taken initiative to bring in lunch from outside healthy vendors but this runs into an expense and not many parents are able to budget for expensive lunches per week, per year.

In Italy, many schools bring in and serve organic foods, not all do but a lot participate. This was actually a mandated law by the Italian government in an effort to help keep and educate their children, their future on remaining healthy, I say kudos to this plan.

In the United States we are brainwashed to believe that cutting fat and calories via a label that says so, makes you healthy. When in fact, its not the fat or label, its the actual basics of the fresh food you consume, lifestyle and exercise. We have all fallen victim to the Internet, as I sit here and write this article, but I make it a point to exercise daily and eat healthy. Our children are growing into these machines and not understanding that exercise and organic foods are the keys to healthy living. I will say, Wii has put in an effort to create an interactive exercising program but I don't think that's enough.

We need education on the basics of food consumption, higher FDA standards on our incoming food supplies and less preservatives in everything. When you get sick you immediately run to a doctor hoping for a pill that will help you, instead why don't we say, "what am I doing wrong, and how can I improve my health?" In the USA, we are trained to believe that going to a doctor and requesting pills is the way to maintaining health, in my opinion its NOT. Be proactive in what you consume, research organic foods, consult with your doctor about coming up with a healthy plan for you.


Anonymous said...

Well said! It is amazing what we are willing to do to our food supply. Sadly, I see a move toward our American consumption in Italy as well. Each time I visit I see more packaged foods and preservatives. Thank you for such a thoughtful post - education is key

Italian American Girl said...

Ciao Nicolette,
Grazie-- for your kind words. Yes, education is key when it comes to health and our diet especially here in the USA. Please visit the blog again!

Thank you,