Thursday, January 8, 2009

AP Italian Language Courses Being Cut From Schools.

Just when we thought we had made progress in keeping and maintaining language courses in schools, it turns out with unsecured funds, the College Board has decided to cut the Italian language programs. It appears the Italian Language Foundation was able to raise substantial amounts of money but was unable to come up with the balance, due to I'm sure political red tape. What else? This news is just unacceptable. So many prominent Italian Americans spend or should I say waste money on "donations" or "charity" (because they think they're donating to a worthy cause) then the money is somehow squandered into these "faux" organizations and now the language board can't come up with funds to satisfy the balance...? Ridiculous. There is I am sure more to the story, but from where I'm sitting, sounds like a bunch of you know what.

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