Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why Applying For Dual Citizenship Is Not That Easy.

Since I last posted on my progress with applying for dual citizenship, I've managed to collect all the right documents, which took me a while to do. Look, my family tree is still very tangible for me because I am first generation so getting the documents and knowing names is easy, but physically getting the papers the way the consulate wants them is another story. The documents as you begin to investigate the process all have to be in a certain long form. You'll know this when you start to request your official documents. So, now I am onto translations and then off to the consulate hopefully for the New Year to make it all official. Its not an easy thing to become a dual citizen, and even people I know who have done it have also said once you've completed everything it then takes forever again for the consulate to contact you to notify you of your official status. Well, again, good luck to you and to me...I will post again on my progress.
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