Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Survey Finds Italian Men Are the Best Looking. (I could have told you that!)

A recent survey done by a marketing company who surveys masculine beauty around the globe, discovered that most women from different countries find Italian men to be the most attractive. Wow. That's such a revelation. (Not) Yes, ladies..and maybe even men..doesn't matter where you come from or what your ethnic background is, Italian men are very attractive. Not only are they blessed with great DNA, but Italian men are also born with charm, that can't be described. I remember being a teenager and going to Italy and just thinking to myself, "wow, are all the guys in Italy good looking?" I think the majority of them are..yes. So, we are just blessed with the envy of the world on our beautiful Italian DNA. Just a fun blurb for your Tuesday morning.


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Nikki D'Agostino said...

best looking, but geez they know it huh?! lol