Monday, December 22, 2008

Reflecting On What It Means to Be Italian American.

What does it really mean to be Italian American? Does it mean you just focus on the idea of what you think being Italian means or do you take the media ideas and set them to be your idea of being Italian American? I hate harping on this stuff but as a first generation Italian American, I feel like I can say it, because I am very traditional but also directly submerged in the modern Italian ways.

Its understandable that many Italian Americans have only memories or ideas to hold onto but if you're going to hold onto any memories or what you interpret being Italian American means, then be sure to be accurate or educate yourselves on traditions, language and culture. We are a unique bunch and to be sure we remain unique requires the right education of our culture and heritage. So, forget about what you see on TV, because all those ideas and interpretations are negative fantasies created by those who only wish they could be Italian. Personally many images reflected on television are actually more of an American culture, but associated with Italians. In dialect we say, "Cu capisce niente."

This Christmas, we should celebrate our traditions and culture. Engage yourselves in ideas that can only positively grow your heritage. As a first generation Italian American, I want to help maintain our culture for our younger generations, this is the main reason I created the blog. Again, its not about gold chains, Cadillacs or any of that BS, its about the arts, language, ways of a better life, healthy food, cooking, architecture, LOVE, intelligence and education. If you're Italian American, then be Italian American.

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