Thursday, December 4, 2008

How Can You Find A Job And Pay Your Bills In A Recession?

You might be saying, well how is this relevant to being Italian American, its not--its just about being American. Things have taken a very strange turn in our economy and shades of Great Depression characteristics have shown their ugly head and tons or I should millions of Americans have lost their jobs.

Foreclosures are on the rise and everyone is simply struggling. If you have a job, you might be worried that it could be on the chopping block or just at risk. Either way, everyone is worried. I wanted to post a few resources for those of you in need of help or just looking for a job. Things are tough and the American Dream has taken a back seat in the past year, so remaining positive and having a little faith are our best weapons at this point.

You have to remember people like my father and mother came to this country in pursuit of the American Dream, they got it and we were living it. Now, we must pursue it again and make it come back to its utmost fruition. Lets start by helping each other. Here is a list of job resources that could help you in your search. (The NIAF offers this partnership search through Career Builder)

FYI- Always Google a job title, or city and a combined list should come up of jobs or a site.

ALSO, if you're having a hard time paying your MORTGAGE, or any other bills...there are tons of resources out right now that you can tap into, its worth a try. Click on this link and it will direct you to the best resource article ever.

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