Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Who Did The Italian-American Vote For In The Presidential Election 2008?

Well, I just got back from voting and have to say it was a good experience. I didn't have to wait nor was there any drama in getting in and out of my voting location. As I stood there at the sign in table I was looking around to see the diverse group of people voting and wondering who they are voting for and what is behind their reasoning for voting for that person.

As Italian-Americans, and children of immigrants, first, second, third generations...this election signifies a time in America where change is needed and exercising your right to vote is going to change the outcome of life here in the United States.

I felt very proud going to vote today and my father was happy to know I went and voted too. A sense of overwhelming American pride came over me because I realized as I spoke to my father, who came to this country for this very right (to exercise a vote), that we are beyond lucky.

As I watch coverage on the media channels, I see a lot of talk about the immigrant vote and the overwhelming surge of Latino votes for Obama. It made me think, did many Ethnic-Americans feel a sense of connection with Obama because of his diverse ethnic background? Its an interesting notion. So, who did you vote for and why? Tomorrow morning, hopefully (if there is no drama) we will have our new President. I look forward to a greater tomorrow here in America.

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