Sunday, November 2, 2008

What is the Electoral College and Does My Vote Really Count?

With the past elections of Bush/Gore, and Bush/Kerry, many Americans were left thinking what the hell is an electoral college and why didn't my vote count? If the majority of my state voted Gore or Kerry then why did the Electoral College dictate the outcome of the past elections? When these two scenarios occurred years ago, we were left thinking what just happened, why is Florida a toss up and how did this guy get elected?

With the election looming on us this Tuesday, we are again faced with this realization of rules, votes and an electoral college. I'm no history professor or government guru but I can tell you to better understand the election process its best to do your homework. Getting into the voting booth is good but that's not enough, as Americans we need to know about the electoral college and its major role in this election.

It might not mean anything as far as you personally changing anything, but the bottom line is to vote--no matter what. The process and definitions are far to in depth for a non-expert like me to tell you, so I will suggest you get this site asap and start reading about the voting process and details. You may have been absent that day in school when electoral votes were discussed, then again..I think most of America was absent when this was discussed. Again, education is key. Take a look.

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