Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What the Economic Crisis Means For A True Immigrant.

Every time you turn on the television these days or even on the Internet we are overwhelmed with the bad news of the economy and the negative job perspectives out in the working world. I will say I'm hopeful about the future only because now we've elected a new President who will hopefully bring us back to life. This topic was quite heated today when I spoke with my father, who is under extreme disbelief about the current economic situation here in the United States.

He is an immigrant turned US citizen, who came to this country for the very reason he left Italy in the late 1950s. No jobs, no economy, no money. Now, here some 50 years later and he is even worried about his retirement. Now, he's been retired for many years, but he's also faced with increasing costs in his medical insurance, taxes, and bills.

In discussing our worries about the future, one thing he made clear, even though he knows this is a bad time in the US, he has faith. The same faith that brought him to success here in the USA, and the same faith that motivated him to travel two weeks on a ship to an unknown land that would promise him faith in a better life and future. I know things are tough for a lot of people financially, but I guess the moral of this story is to have faith. My father is almost 80 years old, so if he can have faith, then I guess we have no excuse as the younger generation. I think he gave me some inspiration tonight. Thanks Papa.

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