Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pasta e Fagioli.

So, to my surprise tonight, my mother brought me pasta e fagioli. (fa-sho-lee-Calabrese pronunciation) I love, love, love it...especially because my mother cooks it so incredibly well. The recipe is seriously top secret and no one seems to be able to duplicate it. Funny story, though..one of my good friends got word my mother was bringing me this for dinner and it immediately sets her off, a.) because she's jealous that my momz brings me dinner ( I should be ashamed, NOT) and b.) she can't make it, even though she is a good cook. So, as of tonight, she had emailed, texted, and called for the exact ingredients.

So, I thought, ok..I'll be nice and ask my mother what's in it and give it to my friend, who by the way, her and her husband are gourmet chefs. So, I ask my mother, "hey, ma, can you give me the ingredients for the pasta e fagioli for my friend?" She kinda laughs like in a way that says, "yeah right, poor girl..she doesn't know how to make pasta e fagioli,..too bad for her." But, being the interpreter of Italian mother noises, sighs, and facial expressions, I knew this meant, that my poor friend was not getting the recipe. Although, I enjoyed my pasta e fagioli, it turned out to be one of those Italian moments that we laugh about, who knew pasta e fagioli could be such a funny dinner.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog and decided to leave a comment.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I found your blog and really enjoy it. How nice to find other Italian Americans with which have so much in common. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

My mom is pretty top-secret about her recipes as well...even her very own pasta e fagioli :)

Italian American Girl said...

Thanks everyone for your comments, sometimes I feel my life is an everyday comedy. So, glad we can all connect.