Monday, October 6, 2008

How To Find An Italian American Girl or Guy For Dating! what we live for and strive to find. As Italians its our God given talent to love better than other cultures. (Just my opinion) In doing so, its imperative that we find the right person to love. If you recall in my past blog we discussed the background factor and whether or not it was important to be with someone who is Italian or of Italian descent.

From personal experience, I've always found that dating someone who has an understanding of my background really does make a difference. Of course, I'm not saying its impossible to also fall in love with someone of a different culture, but I find it (for me) as someone who is totally imbibed in my culture to be with someone of Italian descent. The bottom line is this, I'm American, a culture in itself, but I am also being with someone who understands all of it --counts

Anyhow, enough of my rant, the purpose of why I was writing this was because I wanted to share an online dating site, where you can find men and women of Italian descent looking for the same connection. Online dating works for some people, actually its worked well for a lot of people I know,up to the point of some of my very close friends having met and married their online matches. Its an interesting concept. Also, whats great about this site is that they also have other culture sites for Greeks and many others.

So, if you're in the market for love and want to start connecting with other Italian Americans, Italians--go to Hey you never know.

11/22/08- I was informed of another site, check out


Anonymous said...

Where are most of the Italian-Americans clustered? Boston, NYC, DC .. am I missing anything? What else is on the top 5 list.

Anonymous said...

I dont think its just one particular area. Italian Americans are in great numbers here in the states. Thats why if you use a dating site it can actually narrow down the area where you live. Good Luck!

Robertissimo said...

Incontriamoci cosi'

Quant'e bellu esseri nnamurati
Niente di strano se non dura piu'
di tanto, anzi se sei ancora in
palla, e vuoi regalare un oggetto
che d'amuri dici tantu, allura
allestiti prima ca leffettu nun c'e' chiu'

Lu scorreggiu rulez!
te bedda me, acchiappa stu' pirituni,
ti lu dugnu senza inpegni
e ti lu scrissi nni lu lignu

Ti regalu sta' targhetta
cu la scritta in mmiricanu

PS - questo credo sii un nuovissimo metodo e mai messo alla prova...dopotutto saebbe anche un buon approccio, quindi a voi nnamurati, a chi aspittati e allistemuni a presentarivi cu un pirituni e la targhetta in legno che qua' per forza maggiore non posso presentarvi.
Ciao e un pirituni a tutti