Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who is "Joe the Plumber?" and Enough With Him Already!!!

OK, so here I am back to politics and my opinions. I just can't seem to get away from catching news clips of John McCain talking about "Joe the Plumber." I think its time we broadened the spectrum a bit and stopped with the generalizing. Yes, its true many Americans are small business owners but not everyone is, nor is everyone in the same comparable situation. Its really quite hard to tell if "Joe the Plumber" is really relevant to my life and millions of other Americans. I mean, come on ..last I checked yes, plumbers do work hard but it doesn't mean all plumbers are struggling business owners. Many plumbers are actually quite successful and maybe dare I say could be "doing OK."

Yes, I also understand McCain is trying to say, "Joe the Plumber" is middle America, struggling business owner, yada, yada..but really...this isn't helping me. I'm in my 30s, college degree, more or less corporate jobber, with no job security. Where's my shout out..."Margie the non-plumber." I think its time again for someone in the McCain camp to whisper in John's ear that he needs to stop talking about 'Joe the Plumber,' and start talking about the other billions of Americans who are suffering from a backed up sewer system of an economy. Maybe then we can call "Joe the Plumber." Till then.

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