Monday, September 22, 2008

Like There is the Vatican, There is Alitalia. How Can and Will Italy Ground All Alitalia Flights Forever???

For as long as I've been alive and going to Italy since I'm an infant, I've always flown Alitalia. Alitalia is more than just an airline, its an irreplaceable memory of something that is dear to me, that reminds me of my other home. A familiar memory that brings me joy knowing its taking me somewhere that doesn't let me forget where I came from, and who I am. Pretty deep?....For an airline right? No, I'm not writing the commercial to save Alitalia, but I'm devastated at the mere thought that Alitalia could be grounded forever in the weeks to come.

I remember being so young and landing in Rome with my family. We would always have to take a connecting flight to Reggio Calabria and it was always the Alitalia plane, same plane, time, I could swear pilot too. Even till this day when we're approaching Reggio Calabria and I see the coast line and sparkling green, turquoise water...I get very emotional and cry. That plane ride for me and on that Alitalia flight is just something I can't explain.
I don't think there was ever an ugly flight attendant on any of the flights over the years. You always knew you were on Alitalia because your captain and flight attendants were just emanating that Italian charm and essence. I'm totally upset over this and can't believe that no one can save this airline. Flying within Italy, will not be the same. It sounds strange but I just don't trust another airline to get me to Reggio Calabria. This is the flight out of Rome, I've been taking for the last 30 years. I don't know who I can trust to give me the same good memories for the next 30 years to come. I'm going to go cry now.
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