Saturday, September 20, 2008

How many times can I watch 'Under the Tuscan Sun..???'

I ask this question because it seems I've watched this movie a ton of times. Its actually an interesting story about this movie and my relation to it. When this movie first came out I never saw it..but had all my friends tell me ..'you have to see this movie--it reminds me of you and how you always tell me stories about Italy and how charming Italian men are.' I was like, 'OK' it can't be that good, its kind of how do you say more "Merr-i-gan" than Italian, so it seemed like it would turn me off. Being that they wouldn't portray the facts straight. So, I didn't watch it and almost refused to watch it. Then, while I was dating this guy from NY, he did nothing but tell me and ask me 'have you ever seen 'Under the Tuscan Sun?' I had told him probably a hundred times, 'no, I haven't seen it.'
As our relationship progressed and we spent more time together, I went to his apartment for dinner and a movie. Well, wouldn't you know it, the movie was 'Under the Tuscan Sun.' People automatically think, because you're Italian you will love this movie or anything having to do with Italy you will love. Right? Wrong. Needless to say, this relationship was already on rocky roads and the assumption of his stereotyping was getting on my nerves. He was Italian I think, like 10th generation, removed, and stuffed in the closet, but swore his mother knew Italian things. Whatever, this was the first bad sign.

So, moving on--we watched the movie that night, but I think because he got on my nerves, the movie got on my nerves and I never gave it a chance. As time progressed, that relationship ended, and partly because he didn't get it, the part of me that was Italian and not some friggen stereotype. This guy was well off and thought he should date and Italian girl, who would be the stereotype of something he dreamed up. Fool. Anyway, enough of that, this poor movie never got my approval because of some jackass I dated in Midtown.
I now love this movie, I think it might be subconscious but never the less, I gave it a chance, unlike 'he' who doomed himself. Last night, in honor of his memory, I watched the movie and enjoyed it. No bad associations will impede on my movie critiquing skills. Funny story, thought I'd share. I guess for me it matters about being Italian or at least understanding something about it.

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