Monday, February 20, 2023

I'm the daughter of Italian immigrants, first generation Italian American


I’m the daughter of Italian immigrants, first generation in 🇺🇸. I’d like to bring awareness to all the accomplishments made by the Italians who emigrated to America and ultimately became the backbone of this country along with other immigrants from around the world. Immigrants have always been the backbone and by now most Italians have assimilated into American society. We are Italian Americans. It’s important to preserve and celebrate our history, accomplishments, contributions, culture, traditions and love for the American dream. 

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Monday, October 17, 2022

Italian minestrone gluten free, vegan recipe

Italian minestrone gluten free, vegan recipe

  • Sautee onion, celery, carrots in large pot with olive oil. 
  • Add a few cups of water or vegetable broth depending on the size of your pot, don't put too much as this could water down the consistency.
  • Add tomatoes, cannellini or red kidney beans - I like to drain the beans first before adding.
  • Add your spices - oregano, salt to taste, garlic powder (you can put whatever you like)
  • Add your pasta - I cook my pasta first and then add to my soup mix for final boil. I make gluten free usually and it tastes just as amazing as regular.
  • I cook everything for about 30 minutes or till I feel all vegetables are soft, don't overcook if you've added pasta because then it can break apart. Just my suggestion.   Also I find with minestrone soup, I make it slightly different each time, because you can be creative with vegetables.   Happy soup season!