Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Social Media & Being Italian American

I was invited to speak about social media and the Italian American Girl site at Rider University in New Jersey, which happens to be my alma mater. Being invited to speak at a university for a communications class about two of my favorite topics (social media & the Italian American Girl site) is a huge honor.

This all began on Twitter. I was on Twitter about a month ago and noticed a wonderful Tweet by a fellow Italian American @kathymagrino who was Tweeting about social media and interacting with her communications class through Twitter. This got my attention and I immediately sent Professor Magrino a Tweet back saying I was a Rider alumni and that her students should pay attention to everything she's teaching because everything I learned at Rider University paid off in every aspect during and presently in my career in communications. This began our online "conversation" and from here Professor Magrino discovered my site where I display my love for writing and communications.

Day of, I traveled back to Rider University here in New Jersey and met with Professor Magrino's communications class. Wow! What an experience.. first of all to be back on campus was sort of surreal and comforting at the same time. Everything looked smaller though.. lol --- It's funny when you're in college how everything seems magnified and larger.

I was so impressed with the technology and level of media knowledge the students had, to compare when I was in college where and when the Internet just came out.. ugh.. sign of my age. Before I went into the communications class I visited with one of my professors, who I have to say was totally surprised to see me. It was great catching up and this time I was sitting in his office telling him of all my career advancements and accomplishments and not begging him for an extension on a project. LOL...those were the days.

After my visit with my former professor; I went back to the class and began my presentation with the communications students. I started off with my introduction, but what I wanted the students to understand was that my connection to Rider and what I was about to present to them meant a lot to me. This is my real life. I went on to talk about the process of social media, communications, video production and content, where I could see many of the students were completely focused. At one point, I had one student take pictures and another do video using a FLIP video camera.

What became an important talking point was "passion." Without passion you're really never 100% into what you're doing, whether its career or in your personal life. Being back at Rider brought me back to why I chose the communications route and how much I really love my career.

I left the students with this element as my closing -- you have to be prepared, you have to love what you do and you have to have goals. Now, these might not work for everyone, but its proved to be top three elements, which I work on everyday and help me contribute to my success. This ties into my upbringing and how my Italian parents instilled many great values, which translate to my everyday life.

I can't thank Professor Magrino enough for her invitation to speak at Rider University and I was totally honored the students were so focused and engaged on this presentation about social media and the Italian American Girl site. I look forward to returning to Rider!

Grazie Kathy!

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