Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chilean Mine Rescue - A Story of Human Spirit and Hope - Did you know Chile is home to Many Italian Chileans?

An amazing story of 33 men trapped in a mine for 68 days with minimal light, communication or dealings with the outside world. To be rescued after so long and have survived is truly a modern day miracle. I couldn't let this story pass by without talking about how our Chilean American friends feel a sense of pride today after the Chilean government orchestrated an unbelievable rescue and recovery project. The coverage alone on the live streaming and reception by Chilean President and his wife will go down in history as a one of a kind of story.

If you read the details of the trapped miners' stories you'll find out that their human spirit and hope is what kept them going. They designated a time everyday for praying and worked with each other to ensure their health and safety.

This teaches the world a lesson in hope. I know for me it made me think about their strength and how they managed to survive. It gives me hope and strength to endure my challenges.

What I think is interesting and gives an Italian connection is the fact that many Italian Chileans are part of the Chilean population. There are certain areas of Chile named after towns in Italy were emigration was high during certain time periods. There are actually famous Italian Chileans who are of Italian descent, just like you and me.

Here is an interesting link to the history of Italian Chileans and the actual live feed of the rescue operation. (ITALIAN CHILEANS) (LIVE STREAM OF RESCUE _WATCH LIVE!)

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