Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is "Jersey Shore" Going To Go Away?

Another week, another month...another day and you still see the show whether weekly or on a marathon on MTV. As I discussed in a previous post here on IAG, my feelings toward the show are not exactly what you would necessarily think from an Italian American, who happens to live at the "Jersey Shore." I'm not a guidette, nor practice any of the tri-state so called, "guido" characteristics. My point in the previous post was that the kids from "Jersey Shore" are real and this is how they behave, look and live.

If you're from New Jersey then you know the term "guido" is a real thing and yes, many people do act or really just live and exemplify those characteristics. Are we to judge and say they're portraying Italian Americans in a negative light? On many levels yes, when it comes to behavior and constantly reinforcing statements like, "I'm Italian," that's what we do, that's how we are." As an Italian American, no, that's not what we do and no, that's not how we are. What the kids from the "Jersey Shore" are putting out in the media is their limited education and cultural upbringing on being Italian American. What they know is what they've learned in their communities or mainstream media. This could be relative to generational gaps of the Italian American family. If we got a professor or scholar to weigh in on this subject I'm sure they have the research and data to back up my thought and opinion on the subject.

Look, again..I reiterate..."Why was it OK, for the Sopranos to be on for soooooo long and where were all the band wagoners then...?" That show did not go away and represented New Jersey Italian Americans in the worst way ever! But, if you ask any of the band wagoners, they might defend the Sopranos, because they too were seduced by a romantic, glorified and distorted idea of being Italian American.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously, this show must go off air after season 3! It's stupid! I don't see any close Italian friends of my brothers behaving like those kids! All I know is that most Italians that I've encountered are more decent than those Jersey Shore kids. I'd say pull that show off!