Monday, December 7, 2009

Losing A Family Friend.......

If you noticed I've been off the radar with our site and have refrained from posting due to the death of a very close family friend. She was a beautiful person, someone who made everyone feel happy when she was around. A selfless person, someone who would go above and beyond for strangers, family and amazing person. She was related to my family on my mother's side. She, like me-- was a first generation Italian American. Her mother came from a town in Italy, not too far from my parents in Calabria. We still see and visit with her family when we visit Italy. She struggled like I do with all the cultural differences and often we would laugh together whether at a family party or sometimes she would just come over for coffee or stop by. You know how we Italians just stop over and drop in, but a visit from her was always welcome. She was a consistent person, someone who ended up being more family than anything else. You know how I always say, we have no immediate family here in America, all of my family is in basically she became our family..our immediate family. There was never an occasion where she didn't come..she always made us feel important because she took the time to attend and be part of our family. Its been incredibly hard this week with her passing, I feel the pain for her family and her kids. There is not one person who didn't love her. I had to dedicate this to her because we are connected with her and she is our family and I wish she could have stayed with us longer. Words can't express what I really feel but the beautiful bond of our families and our amazing lives growing up Italian are what I will remember. All the good she did and her values as a stellar person will always be remembered.
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