Monday, August 3, 2009

Italian Super Star, Jovanotti Took Manhattan By Storm.

Super star, singer/songwriter Jovanotti came, saw and definitely conquered New York City. He spent his summer playing at some of the most intimate clubs in New York City, where he experimented with new sounds and worked with native New Yorker musicians to create an innovative experience and concert. Jovanotti is known as one of the biggest celebs in Italy as a singer/songwriter and now his crossover into the USA has proven to be a success. He's scheduled for his last show at Santo's Party House in New York City on August 5th at 7 pm..

Jovanotti In An Interview on 8/2/09 With NPR’s "All Things Considered"

August 2, 2009
In Italy, the music of Jovanotti is on radios and TVs everywhere. He's the most influential pop star the country has produced in years. Last month, he left the stadiums of Europe behind for a few tiny clubs in New York City, where he served as an artist-in-residence. Jovanotti talks to Guy Raz about finally introducing himself to U.S. audiences.

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Colleen O'Donnell Pierce said...

How great to see Jovanotti here in the U.S. and featured in your blog. I have been a fan of his since 1994, when a German friend of mine gave me his "Lorenzo 1994" CD. Loved it instantly! Great lyrics, great tunes! It even got me learning a little Italian. (Well, that and an Italian boyfriend...) I have a ton of favorites on that album, but "Piove" stands out. Great to hear he is working the U.S. market now. I wish him all the best! He's got a great message and great music, fun and upbeat. Thanks for featuring him in your blog, and giving me a little blast from the past.

Tina said...

I simply adore him, always have! His lyrics are so thoughtful and intelligent. Very talented guy.