Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Italian American Doctorate Student Seeking Italian Americans For Important Research Study...Read here.

You are invited to participate in the research project entitled, The relationship between differentiation of self and chronic anxiety in Italian Americans. The number of Italian-Americans is increasingly growing in the United States and so is the need to gain a better understanding on how to better treat and assess individuals and families who identify with this culture.

This research will provide insight into the ways in which Italian-American individuals think, feel, and experience anxiety. In this study we are looking to see if being an Italian-American influences the relationships among these three variables. That is we are looking to see if culture influences people’s thinking, feeling and anxiety. If you are an Italian American who would like to further the research on your culture, I invite you to participate in this survey. Results will have meaningful implications for the assessment and treatment of the growing number of Italian Americans.

The first 300 participants will be given the opportunity of being included in a prize drawing to win one of three gift cards, each valued at $100. All information that you provide will be confidential and anonymous. Please take some time to participate! Your input is greatly valued!

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Francesca said...

My pleasure and duty as a First Generation Italian-American to participate.

Rachel J said...

I was counted too! Thanks for making this available for participation.

Anonymous said...

Thank you both for participating in my study! It is greatly appreciated! Please spread the word!
Ariana P. Mora