Saturday, June 13, 2009

Reggio Calabria, Italy Is My Second Home.

Its always around this time of year when I get antsy and want to just bail out of what I'm doing, just so I can go to Italy and live. (literally) Growing up Italian American is a wonderful thing as we talk of but sometimes the duality of the two cultures is a challenge. Losing your culture and having it melt into the pot of American society is sometimes a very easy thing. Everyday, even though I write and keep up this site, I challenge myself to keep my Italian traditions alive. Now, summer is approaching and I'm craving being in my second home in Reggio Calabria. My parents and my entire family are from there, so the feeling of being alone by means of family is very real for me and my siblings. As I get older, I realize that it becomes harder to break away from the American life and just hop on a plane and be in Italy for a month, two weeks, or whatever. Our lifestyle chains us to our obligations, work and sometimes guilt. Yes, I'm proud to be American but as Americans we don't value our quality of life and tend to let it get sucked into the vortex of our fast paced culture. I guess, I get more emotional around this time of year, because I know my second home awaits me. Glistening beaches, turquoise water, crisp air, life, and love. Yes, Italy is my second home.


Rachel J said...

I think it's wonderful that you know where you come from in Italy. My family ties are all but lost since my Great Grandparents came over. I vaguely know where parts I come from and I long to know more.

Susan said...

I feel what you feel...I wish I had the means to hop on that plane and let all those obligations go out the window and live a little the way I do in my thoughts and dreams!
Life is too short. My desires to be there make me emotional too - and not just this time of year....all year long!

themendous said...

I'm feeling the same way right about now and hoping that My wife and I can break away for at least 2 weeks and bing our 3 yr old son Dante to my "home" town of Monte San Giacomo. I know he'll get a kick out of it for sure. He's already talking about the Fiat's he will see and drive! Great article. thanks for sharing!