Monday, January 5, 2009

Scott Baio Talks About Growing Up Italian-American With His Mother's Cooking.

Everybody loves Scott Baio. Baio grew up in Brooklyn , NY with Italian immigrant grandparents. So, I think many us can relate to his up ringing.

Recently, SB was interviewed about his new gig on VH1 where he executive produces along with TV teen star and buddy, Jason Harvey (from the Wonder Years) about a show where they resurrect the careers of other teen stars, now adults, called, "Confessions of A Teen Idol." I watched it, and I absolutely loved it. How smart of Baio and Harvey to come up with this and resurrect themselves at the same time. Money maker for sure. If you didn't catch Baio on last season's VH1 celeb-reality, where he basically documents his life as a new father and husband. You should catch the new show. Its really good.

Well, here is a great interview with Scott about the show, his up ringing, and his mother's cooking. Margie definitely loves Chachi. For the record, I did love Jason Harvey too on the Wonder Years, one of my favorite shows.

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