Thursday, January 15, 2009

How Do My Cultural Values As An Italian American Influence My Daily Life & Decisions?

Today, I begin with being a bit reflective about my cultural influences. I realized the other day, not on purpose that everything I do is always based on my cultural values. My values as an Italian American are extremely rewarding and I believe a great way to live. I was brought up to be kind to everyone, try not judge, be fair, work hard, help others, take pride in what you do, live well and honestly. I don't know if you would call these necessarily Italian characteristics or values but in my house, this is what defines us as Italian Americans.

My parents really had no other family support here in the states while myself and my siblings were growing up, so whatever we know is based on our culture as Italians. In everyday life, I'm faced with challenging moments and I have to say there isn't a second or moment that passes that doesn't involve my up ringing. I do notice that among colleagues and friends I do possess a different way of doing things and approaching those challenging times because of who I am as an Italian American.

I really do believe there are major differences in growing up American when there are no other outside cultural influences. Those differences from the Italian perspective influence my perceptions, interactions and daily decisions. These very factors are what makes for interesting observation and analyzation. You would think as a first generation Italian American by this time in my life I would have the hang of meshing my cultural characteristics and values, but I think instead its a learning curve everyday. I learn and then I figure out my way as an American and Italian American.

-PS-- Just for thought..... Will Obama's cultural values and up ringing influence his Presidency?

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