Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Goodies From Reggio Calabria, Italy

Every time someone in my family heads out to Italy, its expected that on the return the person brings back the most coveted Italian items that we crave --food wise, that we can't find here in the states. So, as you already know, my mother was in Reggio Calabria for a couple of weeks, so upon her return which is a ritual we all gather at her house waiting for her and who ever got assigned to pick her up to come back to the house. When she gets back to the house, its like Christmas all over, we wait for her to unpack her bags because we all know, its goody time. This time because my mother spent the holidays in Italy, the goody list was especially nice. We were bombarded with petrali, torrone, of course someone sent a Panettone,honey, limoncello, cheese, olives, marinated mushrooms (i kid you not), & biscotti. Now, of course everything she brings back has to be sealed and passable, nothing illegal. The airports don't joke around when it comes restricted items. After she unloads her suitcase and again I kid you not she brings back no clothes, just stuff to eat and some other gifts, we eat in a big mess on the table and just start opening everything and enjoying it. This is by far one of our favorite things to do upon returning from an Italy trip. On that note, I am off to go get some more goodies, I just can't help myself. So good.

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