Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Petrali, Italian Fig Cookies

Many southern Italians make the most delicious cookies during Christmas time. The Italian fig cookies called, Petrali are fig filled cookies that are a speciality from southern Italy and Sicily. Its often times hard to find a bakery where you can get these but if you have time and patience to find the ingredients, then bake away. The first time I actually made Petrali was in my aunt's house in Italy. The process is incredible and the ingredients are as fresh as can be, what I noticed about the process is that my aunt and cousins are so patient with the preparation. When the cookies are done, oh my lord are they good. We didn't make them this year, but I did find recipe online that outlines how to make these fig filled cookies. Good Luck. If you know how or want to share your knowledge on petrali, post away!

Fig Cookies Recipe
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