Monday, November 10, 2008

Made In Italy NYC -- Think Hot, Sexy, Trendy, Italian & American.

If you're young or think young and want to be part of the growing trendy Italian American community here in the New York area, then you must become acquainted with the Made In Italy NYC organization. The group is organized by dare I say a bunch of very attractive, successful Italians, now living in NYC, who have made being hot, trendy and Italian one in the same. Their organization was created in the passion for cultivating and gathering youthful Italian Americans and Italians into a trendy, fashion forward, savvy world. Look, its not all about gold chains, canolis and Cadillacs...we've fallen victim to this stereotype for so long, that breaking away is truly a challenge, so my suggestion for the Italian Americans looking to identify with modern and trendy events and networking, look no further than Made In Italy NYC. You can become a contact in their organization and receive invitations to some of the most exclusive gatherings in NYC. Check them out.

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