Saturday, November 29, 2008

Joe Avati, Thanksgiving.

Here I am on Thanksgiving, with my entire family in the house, loud talking, food all around, kids running around...I mean a real party as opposed to a traditional dinner. We were in full force at my mother's house this year which includes siblings, in laws, kids you name it, its at my mother's house. So, my brothers and I have similar humor when it comes to jokes, so I thought what a better way to entertain my family than to introduce them to some Joe Avati comedy.

Now, whats amazing to me is the fact that I did not know about Joe Avati until very recently. So, now that I know about Joe Avati, my family is going to know Joe Avati. What makes Joe Avati's comedy very appropriate in my house is the fact that we are Calabrese and to hear Joe Avati tell his jokes with that very dialect is amazing. Not only is my job for the family--the social director, travel agent, and whatever else involves a computer, I am also the mainstream media reporter. I give them breaking news all the time.

Without delay and in between stuffing our faces, I grab my laptop and set it up on the dining room table where everywhere is still sitting. Now, the funny part to this story is trying to get everyone to shut up. I think we hear." SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"...for a good ten minutes before I had to restart the clips three times before I could everyone to listen. As they listened to Joe Avati, there was a brief moment of silence on whether or not they were going to think he was funny. (Mind you, nothing impresses an Italian all know that already.)

Needless to say, everyone was hysterically laughing, my brother's first words were, "whose this guy, and where is he...?" I almost fell off my chair, this was the first thing I said about JA, when I heard him for the first time. Anyway, Joe Avati was a big hit at Thanksgiving dinner and he didn't even know that I brought him as my date. I guess Joe Avati now has a bunch of crazy Calabrese from New Jersey as his new fans.

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