Sunday, October 12, 2008

Discrimation Against Italians...or Just Everyone?

Well, talking about curly hair and discrimination is one thing but when we talk about discrimination against Italians, then I say, "let's discuss." I have to share this story with you because it enrages me beyond belief. So, this time it involves my mother. Now, if you ever met my mother would you say.."oh my God, she's so sweet"...yada, yada, yada. Yes, its true..she's great and wouldn't harm a fly. Here she is having to deal with an official office this past week. ( I won't say which one.)

But anyway, she goes up to the desk where the receptionist is sitting and tells the woman her name and signs in. Of course, I am driving her because it was in a location she wasn't sure about so I volunteered to drive her. Then, the woman calls her back over to the desk and asks her to fill in paper work and such and then proceeds to ask her a bunch of questions. My mother has replied, and actually asked her a few questions too. With each question, this woman is getting more and more condescending with her, as if my mother doesn't understand her because she happens to have an accent.

I find that many people in this country are extremely discriminatory against others with accents..doesn't matter what accent you have. Anyhow, getting back to the story..I'm listening to this b**** talk down to my mother, so I calmly walked over to the desk next to my mother and say is there a problem..?? The woman says, "no, did you need help with something.? I said, no..she's with me and that's my mother and oh by the way..she understands and speaks English." I didn't say it with the nicest tone. So she got the message.

But, gee wouldn't you know it her attitude changed immediately toward my mother. That just proved to me how judgemental and jerky people are when they hear accents. I felt like saying to this woman, FYI-this whole country is about immigrants...what planet or country are you living in? Like I also said in a previous blog, I'm all about immigrants and giving everyone a chance, just as long as we all play fair.

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