Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy San Giuseppe's Day!

Today, in Italy is the equivalent of Father's Day here in America. Its a religious holiday honoring Joseph the father of Jesus. The day is often celebrated with great food, and incredible pastries, often called, St. Joseph's pastries. I wish you all a great St. Joseph's Day today and don't forget to kiss your fathers, brothers, cousins, etc. Auguri!


Anonymous said...

Thanks..i'm giuseppe (peppe) from reggio calabria... this blog is very good and you're very beautiful... Good Bye!
Peppe - gimes,liberareggio
(rispondi in italiano o dialetto se lo parli bene :) )

Anonymous said...

Italian - American Boy here. I did not see you mention what has become a traditional pastry at this time. The St. Joseph Pastry- a filled zepoli (sp?). The pastry is usually a custard filled pastry, sometimes topped with a cerry or just powered sugar.
I also did not see if you server a traditional St. Joseph's dinner which would include breads and pasta.